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Couple m52/f45 with a marked preference for erotic nude photography. She is a willing victim to satisfy my wishes and imaginations and she loves to perform and expose herself in front of my camera.

I got my own business engineering machine parts. My body is something average above 6feet tall,200lbs and something 6 by 2 down there...
Mrs.Lovetoshow is about 5feet and her BMI is something between anorexia and adiposity which changes as often as the colour of her hair. The same way the size of her tits changes from 34AA to 40C. Actually she's got an 36C by 170lbs which is pretty fine. And she's a sweet redhead...

As sometimes requested here are some facts about Kara:
year of birth : 1972
height : 5'4" or 1,62m
weight : changing 140 to 180lbs or 70-80kg (her lowest weight was in 1993 105lbs or 48kg) actual 147lbs or 67kg
bra size : 36c (was 30A in 1993)
waist : 34" (was 23" in 1993)
hips : 40" (was 35" in 1993)
graduate in business management : 1995
self employed since 2008
couple since 1988
married since 1992
one child, son, born in 1999
addicted to erotic photography : since 2006
sexual orientation : straight, bi-curious
sexual preferences : submissive, all kind of naughty things, dildos or anything else that fits her pussy, nipple twisting, blindfolded, bound, cunnilingus, anal fingering and toying - not fuck, sucking cock, riding on top, masturbating

After we're married for nearly 25 years now we'ld like to try some new experiences which means to give you a view to our most private moments...

I am also doing some "serious" model photography which will be stated with the upload. In that case my wife assists me as visagist or setting up the light.

Josh and Kara

Mr.Paparazzi & Mrs.Lovetoshow

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